The knowledge and experience acquired until today, where struggle, urge, failure and success -which is what remains and leaves scars- made possible the absolute success of Lucía ‘La Piñona’ and her “Emovere” last night in the last show of Jerez Festival.

In the press conference, the dancer, from Cádiz, said that Emovere “was set as a dancing recital departing from cante jondo” and so it was. What she did not say is that she was going to grab the flamenco tree from the very roots for not releasing it until passing through every single branch of it. Every piece of her choreography was not only related to a certain “palo” but even knitting the different branches all together.

Directed by José Maldonado, this “Emovere” relates about a different story in every of its parts. Departing from the most primitive flamenco where tonás, seguiriyas and cabales predominate, we find the most daring and visceral “la Piñona”. The starting point of the show is crucial to catch the attention of the audience and she gets it with a strength to which Moi de Morón provides with his cante the necessary touch of sorrow to make a perfect match.

The cover ofLa Lebri’s jarcha “ya canta el gallo” and her fandangos abandolaos take us to the andalusian folcklore world. There is no other origin of Malagueñas (for instance), with which she iniciates the way to the Spanish levante (east). Taranto, mineras and even a wink to milonga with shawl was the path through which she took us by her hand an alluring Piñona before sewing up the show with tangos in a flawless execution.

The third episode brought us the past times and nostalgia. Manuel Molina lyrics by Jonathan Reyes Bulerias and the ones of “la Lebri” of Utrera flavour run after the penance of the Petenera which linked up with the caña, soleá and soleá apolá showing her dancing versatility.

The voice-over anounced “Emovere” grand finale, a show in which “La Piñona” hits, seduces and draws this emotions’ catalog with her body. She sets the epilogue with Rumba party from Cataluña which served as a farewell by presenting a whole group that was perfect from the first to the last.

SHOW: Emovere – Artist: Lucía Álvarez ‘La Piñona’ – place: Sala Paúl, Jerez – Ciclo: XXII Festival de Jerez – Fecha: February 25th 2018 – capacity: full – Dance: Lucía Alvarez ‘La Piñona’ – Cante: Moi de Morón, Jonathan de los Reyes y Eva Ruiz ‘La Lebri’ – Guitar: Francisco Vinuesa – Percussion: Paco Vega.

David Montes Review
February 26th 2018

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