EMOVERE” (Latin origin word: inside movement or start moving) gives name to my new show. It arises from the impact that certain emotions have on me which I portray with my own body and the means around me.

Every emotion has a consecuence and this one is movement. You cannot separate one from the other. All my career years, all the knowledge and experience acquired until today turn into my own testimony.

EMOVERE sets us in motion by offering different aromas, flavours, colours, and textures which will make you get out from your regular state to enjoy it first-hand.

Original idea and choreography : Lucia Álvarez La Piñona
Artistic and choreographic direction: José Maldonado
Music: Francisco Vinuesa
Lighting design: David Pérez
Sound: Fali Pipio
Costume design: José Maldonado and Lucia Álvarez
Dressmaking: Jose Galván
Shoes: Gallardo
Photography: Luis Castilla
Graphic Design: Sergio Bonilla
Video: Boasorte
Regiduría: Marta Howard

Guitar: Francisco Vinuesa
Cante: Eva Ruiz
Cante: Moi de Morón
Cante: Jonathan Reyes
Percussion: Paco Vega

Juan Verguillos

Diario de Sevilla, Read Full Review

“Dance in its maximun intensity”

Juan Garrido

Diario de Jerez, Read Full Review

“El contraste emocional en La Piñona”

Manuel Martín Martín

El Mundo, Read Full Review

“A dance recital with cante jondo as starting point.”

David Montes

masjerez.com, Read Full Review

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