Lucía ‘La Piñona’ made a sure asset proposing the release of “Emovere” last Sunday in Sala Paúl. She firmly understood, maybe never hesitated, that for a festival like this it is necessary to team up, to rely on someone to manage the idea, someone who knows how to get the most out of it. She arrives with her last work in which we enjoy from begining to end thanks to a clear and simple but real approach, it means, there is a thread that makes us thoroughly focus on the stage.

She knows how to take advantage of the spaces with an elaborated play of lights that helps to give sense to transitions. She also counts with a high quality sound system. We do not know if it belongs to the venue but her feet sounded just neat and clean. Of course, she was important part of the result. Another relevant aspecto f this show was her backing team: voices, guitars and percussion. Since the very first appearance with Moi de Jerez mournful echo remembering Tomás Pavón’s Reniego Yo, until the final soleá, one can enjoy the rapport of whole show.

The audience do not hold and flatter the dancer constantly, true protagonist of the night. Her slim figure and the elegant clothing help to keep the attention on her message, which is no other tan showing her qualities departing always from her own personality. Watching “La Piñona” we only meet again and again with herself on a trip through the history of flamenco dance. There is no fear in her eyes, right the opposite, security and grace. That is what she shows in the initial seguiriya.
Silences are not common as percussion is always present avoiding distraction of the audience which in fact, being the show on a Sunday after midnight, it was a necessity.

We discovered a flamenco Singer with a lot to give, Eva Ruiz “La Lebri”, which executed the fandangos with sweetness despite tha the high pitch of her voice is able to break Windows. Francisco de Vinuesa Guitar performance of malagueñas gives entry to what looks like a milonga with tarantas and mineras. In that moment, Lucía defends her identity as a woman with a black tight leather jumpsuit and a pink silk skirt. Jonathan Reyes bulerías boasting Manuel Molina’s creations since the most romantic flamenco were also very applauded by audience. Each dance in a small dose.

We saw her raised in tangos by the lyrics of ‘Candela, la de las minas’ popularised by Gaspar de Utrera. She showed off good manners on the use of the shawl. She follows the night path entering in the soleá family, not without previously getting inspired by by peteneras. José Maldonado’s figure as art director emerges victorious and Lucía keeps growing in a dancing world which lacks of fragances like hers.

Dance and coreography: Lucía Álvarez ‘La Piñona’. Guitar: Francisco Vinuesa. Cante: Eva Ruiz ‘La Lebri’, Jonathan Reyes y Moi de Morón. Percussion: Paco Vega. Art Director: José Maldonado. Date: february 25th. Venue: Sala Paúl. Capacity: full.

Juan Garrido´s review
Diario de Jerez
27th February 2018

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